Consider us an extension of your fab or lab

We bridge a critical gap in your supply chain, servicing small to medium sized lot requirements often ignored by the large foundries and OSATS. We are frequently utilized by IC test and packaging groups, recognized as “best of breed” for the most demanding wafer thinning and dicing programs as the rigors of their designs call for tighter controls and performance. Whether you are working on a prototype or wish to transfer a mature program to us, we are interested in your application.

Our Core Competencies

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Wafer Dicing

Wet or dry, GDSI can develop a customized saw dicing program or apply the Stealth laser dicing process pioneered by Hamamatsu Japan

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Wafer Pick & Place

Safe chip extraction for multiproduct wafer layouts. Full trace requirements with test maps or simple blind builds

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Back Grinding & Polishing

Fully automated 300MM Disco machinery designed for precision and repeatability

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Quality, Accreditations & Certs

Our customers expect supplier accountability. GDSI is ISO & ITAR certified and carries a “Trusted” supplier accreditation

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Inspection: Manual & Automated

200mm compatible, 2um rejects or greater = macro defects, Ideal for dedicated masks of a single die type

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Industries Served

  • Academia
  • Semiconductor
  • MEMS
  • Communications
  • Automotive
  • Life sciences
  • Industrial
  • Defense & aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics

Accreditations & Certs

Quality Assurance is smart business for both the customer and supplier alike. Like any worthwhile investment with promises of a future return, GDSI has invested heavily in the establishment of a "quality" culture defined by our Quality Management System or "QMS". The repeatability of superior quality is achieved through a continuous process verified by each operator and manager. This commitment affirms the premium which we place on quality on behalf of our customers’ sensitive products and allows our Quality Management System to stand the rigors of an external audit.

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