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Fast turn service without compromising quality

Founded in the Silicon Valley in 1992 by Noor Haq, an engineer and entrepreneur, GDSI’s roots remain deep in process development services. We are globally recognized as a premier die prep partner, utilized by fabless, IDM and pureplay foundry interests. Emphasis on high value/high mix business model, helping customers achieve their design for manufacturing (“DFM”) aspirations. Our quick turn proto services are orchestrated without sacrificing quality and we insist on best practices, striking a balance between yield and cost.

Accreditations & Certs

Quality Assurance is smart business for both the customer and supplier alike. Like any worthwhile investment with promises of a future return, GDSI has invested heavily in the establishment of a “quality” culture defined by our Quality Management System or “QMS”. The repeatability of superior quality is achieved through a continuous process verified by each operator and manager. This commitment affirms the premium which we place on quality on behalf of our customers’ sensitive products and allows our Quality Management System to stand the rigors of an external audit.

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Industries Served

  • Academia
  • Semiconductor
  • MEMS
  • Communications
  • Automotive
  • Life sciences
  • Industrial
  • Defense & aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics